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Bonsai Tree Welcome to Bonsai Northwest !

Our web site is checked and updated daily. If you have specific questions please email us at You can also see our Calendar of classes and events.

We have the largest selection of quality Bonsai pots, tools, and supplies available. Please click into our catalogue for details. We have so many items that we are unable to list them all here, so if you can't find what you are looking for please contact us at:

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What's New
Wednesday September 10th, 2014
Sept 27 Phoenix Graft This in an intermediate level class where we take a young juniper and marry it to a much older piece of deadwood,thus giving it the appearance of an ancient tree. We will plant it an a plastic training pot and do some preliminary wiring of the primary branches. All materials are provided. Cost $165.00 Limit 5 students
Saturday August 9th, 2014
December 6,2014 An introduction to the art of Bonsai. In this class we cover basic Techniques, styling and care of Bonsai. The student will create and pot a bonsai using a juniper and ceramic pot. All materials are included and you will take your creation home with you. Price $105.00 1:30-4:30
Monday July 21st, 2014
Sept 28 Yamadori Style Juniper Intermediate level class. Yes we will be working with my favorite tree again the Shimpaku Juniper, but this time the trees have been field grown for seven years and are much larger. We will delve deeper into style and learn new techniques for moving larger branches and incorporating dead wood into our design. Cost $250.00 Limit 4 Students




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